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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 22, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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. the president's brief trip to the bay area is over. >> a gas leak forced a school to send students home yesterday. live outside at&t park where giants fans get a huge helping of torture. that story coming up on today in the bay. >> happy friday, thanks for joining us. >> it is 5:00. we are off to a so long start around the bay area. want to check in with rob. take a look at the weekend. >> wet roads that fell mainly overnight. the temperatures during the day and mainly 60s because of more clouds that will be spilling in throughout the day today. a quick check of the radar will show you if you are watching and
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leaving around the bay area. you have showers on the approach. that will be affecting the morning commute. >> that's what we will show folks and you have slick roadways. in the last hour of spinouts through berkeley. all lanes are clearing and puddling off to the right. we will show you what's going on in some shots. the speed limit as far as the sensors go. san mateo bridge and a smooth drive. you may find slow downs and i will leave it to the professionals to tell you why. >> new this morning, the president is taking off from the bay area for more campaigning in california. air force one will leave sfo at about 10:00 this morning. the president is heading to los angeles to attend a fund-raiser at usc for senator barbara boxer and state attorney general jerry brown. he will speak at a rally on campus. you will have to wait to see if the giants clinch the pennant, but today will be a banner day of sorts.
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our sister station in atlanta said the giants flag will be hoisted over city hall and it arrived courtesy of gavin newsom. newsom and the mayor of atlanta waged a bet with the loser having to display the winner's banner. the series like the entire season is torture. >> the giants just couldn't clinch it and close out the phillies last night so now they are off to the city of brotherly love. today in the bay's bob redell has how fans are reacting. i guess it's typical of how the season has been. >> i don't think they are feeling any brotherly love after last night's loss to the phillies. the fans are having to do something today, something they weren't counting on having to do and that is saying goodbye to the giants team as they head back to philly since the giants couldn't pull off the win here last night at at&t park.
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before the game it was a party outside the ballpark. after the game, you should have seen the fans walking out, basically in silence. it was a quiet departure outside the stadium last night. imagine fans probably a little bit in shock. the team wasn't able to pull off the win. still trying to stay upbeat for the giants team. >> it's not good going on the road to win one of two. >> the giants will be heading to philly sometime today. their game tomorrow against the philadelphia phillies at 12:30. reporting live here outside at&t park, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot. >> stlar two more chances to end the series, but they have to do it in philly. tomorrow's is at 12:57 p.m. that will change if the yankees lose. if that happens and game time is at 4:57 p.m. if the giants don't win, game
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seven is at 4 time time 57 on sunday. >> fans are trying to stay positive. game one will be in san francisco on wednesday. we checked stub hub this morning and standing room tickets are about $391. if you want to sit, left field bleacher seats are going for about $525. the most expensive tickets we found are almost $92,000. you see the numbers on the screen there. for that you get to sit in the oracle suite. >> i would have to live there for the year. this is bizarre. two hearts, two jars and a lot of unanswered questions. investigators are looking into a gruesome find. a maintenance worker was working in an isolated part of the cemetery yesterday when he saw the tops of two jars sicking out of the ground. police say he pulled one of the
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jars out of the ground and saw a human heart with a picture of a young man and woman pinned to it. the second jar contained another human heart, but with a photo of a different couple. >> they are trying to get somebody's attention. i don't know for what reason or purpose. it's really, really odd. kind of weird and creep to me. >> the county coroner said the hearts likely came from dead bodies because of the embalming fluid found on them. it's a crime to dig up body parts and also against the law to buy and sell them. >> two police officers are recovering after their patrol car crashed into a utility pole in san francisco. they were driving on san jose avenue when they hit the and knocked it down after 6:00 last night. the officers were taken to a hospital and treated for injuries, but they are expected to be okay. the pole held up muni electrical lines. san jose avenue had to be closed
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in both directions while crews made repairs to the pole and the muni line. the san jose school where hundreds of children had to be evacuated will be back open this morning. a police officer reported a gas smell about 9:30 on willis avenue. they evacuated gardener elementary and nearby homes after confirming there was a leak below a sidewalk. pg&e crews arrive and started tearing up the street. it was repaired by noon. the evacuations were precautionary. pg&e is investigating the cause. >> the home stretch in the race to the november elections and the candidates are calling heavy weights to try to help them drum up support. meg whitman will be in cupertino visiting a website for customized products. new york mayor and former billionaire michael bloomberg will be with her.
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they hole the first and second place respectively for the amount of personal campaign spending. >> palo alto leadersville the weekend to decide whether they want a high speed rail station downtown. they shot down the idea saying it wouldn't be a good fit and it doesn't make good transit sense. they are concerned about the increased traffic it would bring to the area. the rail authority is considering palo alto for a stop as well as redwood city and mountain view. the council will consider recommending as on monday night. >> bay area parents make sure this halloween is safe for their goblins. families can pick up glow necklaces at a safety center in the south bay this afternoon. working partnerships usa will handout about 40,000 necklaces nationwide. parents can pick them up between 4:00 and 7:00 at 2102 almaden road in san jose. >> the sharks will take their
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first trip in canada this weekend. a quick plane ride to calgary for a game on sunday. they are hoping to build on last night's win with the 4-2 victory. snap the team three game losing streak. stanford will play this weekend. the number 12 car will host washington state tomorrow. game time is 2:00 p.m. stanford is well-rested. last week was a bye week and they didn't play. they are looking to move up and it will be tough. number one oregon had a big win last nightbeating the ucla bruins 60-13. >> san jose state and cal, cal hosts arizona state. the kickoff is 12:30. san jose state will host fresno state. the spartans are trying to bounce back after a brutal loss last saturday. game time is 5:00 p.m.
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. >> we will take you up to the summit. i will give you the update with the direction. the spinout was northbound and not southbound at the summit, but it's out of lanes. i am told by tim it was raining all the way up to the summit and rivers of water on the side of the road. there is the san jose state game there as well as hp pavilion with disney on ice. brend and laura with japantown san jose celebrating its 100th anniversary. >> very nice. >> we want to check in with rob. there will be a little bit of rain. >> indoor activity. >> a lot of folks with indoor events around sunday as the rain will be coming down in sheets and have gusty winds as well. 56 in san jose. the roads are wet from the rain that fell overnight. we are not seeing a lot of fresh rain at the moment. 60 in oakland with a southeast breeze at 5 miles per hour. 59 degrees and southeast wind at
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8. mostly sunny skies and 60s for temperatures in the afternoon for the weather. not playing much of a factor as the giants wrap things up with a game six. isolated showers around parts of the bay area. clouds filling in for the afternoon. the timing of the incoming storm, saturday with the football games, you will want the umbrella with you and it shouldn't be too windy. sunday is when the heavy rain arrives for the north bay and gusty wins as well. the forecast with temperatures in the 60s around san jose and 67 degrees and near 60 in san francisco. north bay, watch out this weekend. sonoma county northward. heavy rain and you clear out as you approach monday. back to you. >> 5:10 and uns booing back. a news commentator who lost the job for comments about muslims. they already have a new one. we will find out where and how much he will be making. >> which company will soon be hiring thens of new workers. >> back in court, lindsay lohan
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is set to appear before a judge again. this time she could get extensive jail time. >> over the south bay, a little bit of rain across the bay area this weekend. exactly when and where, rob has the great details on that. [ female announcer ] the independence to fix our schools? meg whitman. cut administrative overhead. put more money in the classroom. more charter schools. jerry brown? his union backers want to make it nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher. they oppose reform. oppose charter schools. oppose change. jerry brown: no changes in education. meg whitman:
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more money in the classroom. more charter schools. a chance for change.
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a nice live looking shot. you can see far into the distance and see the bay bridge. it's fairly clear and some folks you see with rain and it could be rainier throughout the welcome. we will have the forecast in a moment. >> if you are up this early, maybe there is a chance you didn't see the end of the giants game. we will spare you the low lights and instead look to what's ahead. raj mathai gives us a preview. >> a good friday morning to you. if you are a giants fan and felt like you were kicked in the gut last night, there is still a game tomorrow and possibly a game seven on sunday. let's start with game six tomorrow. in a couple of hours, the giants will be flying out and going out
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to philadelphia reporting there tonight at 11:00. the big game is tomorrow. the giants will be going with jonathan sanchez and the phillies going. if you are an old school giants fan, you don't want to hear this, but you have to tell anyway. the last time they were in this position in 2002, they went on the road they lost both games. that was a world series for the angels. erase that. here's the deal. they packed up the clubhouse and answered all the questions like they usually do. it's business as usual. they don't do things the easy way. it's mixed with torture. we spoke with tim lincecum. >> we don't want to come back to philly. it would have been great to share with the fans in the city. we got opportunity. >> one programming note from tomorrow, it all depends on tonight's yankees and rangers game. scheduled to start about 1:00 p.m. tomorrow pacific time. if the yankees and rangers
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series is over, the giants game will start around 5:00 p.m. tomorrow evening from philadelphia. that's pacific time. we will send it back to you. >> sounds great. nbc bay area is the home of the san francisco giants and we have all the bases covered during the playoffs. you can share your giants fever with us at and relive the more exciting moments of the game in our live blog. lindsay lohan is back in jail and headed to jail. she broke the terms of her probation and she tweeted she failed a drug test. she hopes to be allowed to stay in rehab and some speculate this time the judge will send her back to jail and she may have to spend as much as a year there. >> less than 24 hours after losing his job, a commentator has a new gig lined up. they terminated juan williams's
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contract after he said he gets nervous seeing people in muslim garb on planes. fox news signed him to a three-year, $2 million contract. fox said williams is an honest man whose freedom of speech will be protected. the home defender's league will protest in front of a chase bank in downtown san jose. the nation's largest banks are committing fraud through a broken load modification system and they want the governor to place an immediate halt on all foreclosures throughout the state. >> scott, it's really turning into a second mortgage crisis. >> it is. first the banks don't do the right paperwork to give you the loan and now they don't do the right paperwork as they rescind the loan. here is a 911 call from a home northern florida as they came to her house to change the locks. they didn't knock before trying
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to break in. if they had, they would find out they had the wrong house. >> so there is a male outside and inside? >> i don't know. i don't know. i'm locked in my bathroom. i don't know. i just know somebody broke into my house. >> the details of the incident in orange county, florida are under dispute, but it's a good anecdote as to how badly it has gone. bank of america said they checked all of their paperwork and have absolutely no errors and therefore they will continue their foreclosures which is odd because that bank too has been accused of foreclosing on the wrong house or foreclosing on customers's houses, but customers who are not behind in payments. >> what a mess. >> a huge mess. we talk before about what it does it homeowners and house prices. >> confidence is down. if you have no troubles, it is very difficult.
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>> disaster number two. >> a lot of people don't have jobs. here's an opportunity for you. getting a job could mean going behind the wheel. that's according to a new report out there this morning. business is up across the board for trucking and railroad companies. union pacific said they moved about 14% more freight than last year and the company is set to hire about 1700 workers. business is also boosting the trucking industry. so much so that their only complaint is a lack of drivers. >> now that we see an increase in freight, these motor carriers are out there looking for drivers. >> some industry an lives say the trucking industry will need 200,000 additional drivers by 2014. you better get your hands on that. >> can you still use your cb? do they still have those? that was huge. >> probably because you can't text while driving either. you need that cb. >> that's right, good buddy. >> big daddy.
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>> that's right, folks. we will look over here and maybe i can ask the former transportation secretary. he will be at that event. here in the north bay, we are looking at minor flooding. any time there is rain, we get the flooding reported at lucky drive. the northbound side gets the report this morning, but the southbound side experienced the same amount of rain. watch for it in both direction in the middle lanes. coming over the bridge, things are nice towards the golden gate bridge. we see after effects. these cones have been removed. we haven't seen spinouts here. three or four reported over the course of the morning so far. there may be slick conditions and puddling in the parking lot from the overnight rains zeechlt forecast in a moment. rob has an alliteration. wet and weekend. i don't like that, but that's
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what he has. >> airline food that actually tastes good. we will show which airline is ge amin up with the ritz carl to create new meals in flight. #a
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good fridaymorning. time is 5:23 and you are take eagy live look across the bridge. the roadway is wet for showers
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that continue to move through the bay area. kind of a cool start. 54 degrees in livermore and san francisco is 59. 61 degrees in oakland and 57 in fairfield. it's just a little bit breezy. mainly wins out of the southwest and south and east from about 5 to 10 miles per hour. some of the showers we are seeing south of san francisco, let's take you here around highway 101 towards alameda. shower across the bay and around san jose and milpitas. light shower activity advancing northeast ward at about 15 miles per hour. we are sort of in a break and clearly offshore, a powerful system cranking up the deep area of low pressure. the outer fringe will start to spill in towards the afternoon. today isolated showers in a few spots and increasing clouds in the afternoon. round two is likely holding off until tonight or tomorrow. light to moderate rain and
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sunday round three will pack a punch. winds out of the south at 20 to 30 miles per hour and probably at least two to three itches of rain falling. this is a lot of rain for one weekend for october. seeing the biggest punch and probably a half inch to an inch around the bay area through the weekend. probably the driest of the next three days if you have outdoor plans for today or this afternoon. not so bad. mostly 60s for highs and the weekend looks soggy and windy so make indoor plans to wrap up the weekend. we clear out and the temperatures are staying in the 60s. back to you. >> many travelers think airline food tastes terrible. one airline and a catering company that works with it are trying to change it by putting on the ritz. lsg sky is teaming up with the ritz to bring-star cuisine. they will feature filet mignon
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in onion and lightly sauteed chicken and vegetables. it's not like they cook them on the plane. they still to have to freeze and transport it. >> at first it was odd because i don't want to say what they did was wrong, but we made our own steps and we really add to it. >> the menus will be available, but only on lufthansa and first class and business sections. . >> we will tell you what's in store for the south bay police officer who pretended to arrest his daughter's boyfriend. >> up in smoke, a major california mall is still smoldering after a big fire. we will tell you why firefighters were forced to let it burn. >> a major bay area event with a huge change. we will tell you what's in storm
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you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
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>> new this morning, the giants hop on the plane for game six. we will let you know why we still don't when they will play. >> 'giants fans have confidence that their team can pull off a clinching win in the championship series. we will have that today in the bay. it is also friday morning. good morning. 5:30. >> i'm brent cannon. this is today in the bay. the giants getting ready to head to philadelphia and a few more
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hours. >> they weren't able to beat the phillies and they have to try again tomorrow. the time of the first pitch is up in the air. if the yankees win it tonight, the giants play before 1:00. if the yankees lose and the giants play around 5:00. >> it's been raining here and we look to have a rainy weekend all weekend, but the weather looksb has a look at the forecast in philly. >> it doesn't look that bad. the early start to the game time as temperatures are in the mid 60s and no worries about rain as we kickoff the weekend. back to the west coast, you see the temperatures as we go hour by hour and only in the 60s. clouds filling in and the other thing we are watching is scattered showers. look at the clouds offshore. let's zoom you into san francisco. the morning commute leaving san mateo and oakland and alameda. rain coming in here in the next 10 minutes or so.
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>> we will definitely watch for the evenings of that. so far we are looking smooth. watching the 880 camera and i want to show you 680. we had reports of slowing. the live camera shows you barely any car and it is rain not visible, but the map shows you the speed sensors. that's the reason i have been checking so carefully. it may be a result of mist through the air. livermore into the area westbound is moving fine despite the reports of an accident on the side of the road at north flynn. out of town and heading east, it will slow about 3:00 towards tracy. keep that in mind. thanks a lot, mike. a big ball in roseville is still smoldering after a massive fire yesterday. crews could not get inside to fight the fire because of a standoff. they arrested alexander piggy. he allegedly wrote about suicide
5:32 am
on his facebook page. he barricaded himself in a game stop in the mall and several people said they saw him start the fire that led to an explosion that caused part of the mall's roof to collapse. he had a backpack and fears of what might be inside the backpack prevented firefighters from fighting the fire. 60 oakland fifth graders will graduate from a gang prevention program from melrose elementary. they went through six weeks of lessons in the great or gang resistance education and training program. it prevents violence and helps kids develop a relationship with police officers during their early years. small furry creatures have overrun the south bay and an animal shelter is trying to do something about it. there so many chihuahuas in the animal shelter, they are going to host an adopt-a-thon tomorrow. they have 65 of them. they are all spay and neuter and ready to go. you can get for $25.
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there were so many chihuahuas last year, a couple of groups flew a bunch to new york for adoption. >> the g men are packing up to head to philadelphia in hopes they don't lose out on the giant opportunity. bob redell is live in san francisco where it's torture as usual for giants fans. good morning. >> torture, but definitely a glimmer of confidence in the fans. this is fred. i know you are on the way to work and stopping by and taking a picture of willie mays outside the ballpark. orange shirt. you think there two extremes of fans. the status tigs and one who thinks they are a scrappy bunch. where do you stand? >> i side with the scrappy. they are going to dig in and win it run by run. >> this is not just talk of false confidence? you believe that in philadelphia they can clinch this? >> statistics can convince you
5:34 am
of what odds are, but a group of young guys who are hungry and willing to dig in and fight. i think my feeling is they are going to do it and carry it off. >> the fact that you might want it more than philadelphia concerning philadelphia has been here before and the giants haven't been in a while? >> you know, i just think this is a different team than it's ever been. the giants before. this group of guys wants it. they just mean to not let anybody stop them. i think they are going do it. they are fighters and they are going to win. >> have a safe bike ride to work and thank goodness it's friday. a lot of fans were thinking this. if this was monday it would be brutal. >> if they win tonight -- >> tomorrow. appreciate it. take it easy, fred. >> reporting live outside at&t
5:35 am
park. >> today in the bay. >> you pulled him over. >> i did. >> no changes are going to be filed against the san jose police officer who pretended to arrest a teen boy who had sex with his daughter. it was caught on cell phone video. the officer was within his right to investigate since it involved potentially unlawful sex between minors. the officer remains on leave because the police department is investigating whether he broke protocol. he did not write a report or refer it to another investigator. >> grant supporters will stage a really. a bart officer shot and killed officer grant who was unarmed on new year's day. the bart station opened. today's rally is part of a national dave protest to stop
5:36 am
police brutality. they will be wearing all black and they plan to display a wall lifting of the names of people they say dieed from police brutality. the rally will be at this bart station. >> scientists at nasa, aames and mountain view have been pouring over data for a full year now that and made a good discovery. >> it is. they me they found all kinds of minerals and have an idea as to what kind of water might be on the moon. they steered a probe into the surface last year and had another probe pass by to see what got stirred up. we know methane, ammonia and silver as reported, the scientists in mountain view say the moon, at least the impact area was quite wet. the irony in all of this is scientists sent the probes to the moon as an advance for a manned mission. the nasa aames was going to be a huge part of this. the constellation program was
5:37 am
canceled by the obama administration and the money could be spent on more pressing problems here at home. scientists are left with what they wanted to find. if they wanted to send men and women to the moon. water and minerals and silver and all the things you needed to create the moon base. they are now going. >> that's interesting because they hope the o pamma administration will revisit it. >> that they will have the money to do. thank a lot. we want to take a look at the commute this morning. >> slicker conditions throughout the east bay out of westbound 80 down the east shore freeway off of the merge with the bridge. if you are heading over towards the san rafael side, you may find roadway flooding. it was reported 101 is off that was 580 and 101 merge or split. we have a spinouts reported. westbound 80 right around ashby or university through berkeley.
5:38 am
slick conditions reported there. the last 45 minutes have reported clear roadways and an 18-minute bridge down to the maze. over the approach looking nice right now. through the tunnel, we are seeing spotty slowing through highway 13 and 580. no major issues. slicker conditions and a live look at oakland shows you the coliseum, and you did show on the radar that sees the weather better than the live shot. there was rain over the last few minutes. >> the camera looking right about here and you can see light rain across the bay and heading into areas south of oakland. moves to the north and east, the same story advancing away from the south bay. you can see isolated pockets of lighter rain. the main event with the first system moved off to the east. between now and the end of the weekend, look at the totals. impressive for this time of year and this is causing issues for the wineries in the north bay. about two to three inches of
5:39 am
rain in sonoma county by the end of the weekend and a half inch over three days. hour by hour, lots of 50s outside. as clouds continue to fill in, we will have a cool day. mostly mid 60s and more rain due in tonight. sunday's system will be the biggest and that will pack wind and rain and will be clearing out probably around this time monday morning. back to you. >> you mention the rain and farmers are workinging around the clock to save their grape harvest. storms could cut the harvest short by dumping an inch or two of rain. farmers are expected to get about 70% of the grapes harvested by tonight. that's because wet chardonnay grapes begin to mold after 48 hours. the harvest is already expected to be smaller than usual this year due it a heat wave in august. time now is 5:39. when you should buy your airline ticks for the holidays.
5:40 am
>> a california man held captive in iran returned to his family. why he was released. >> you are a step closer to taking a trip in space. we will you about the event giving a boost to space tourism. >> getting wet across the area this weekend. we will have lots of things to do as well. stay with us.
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good morning to you. 5:42 and a live look outside with not a lot of cars, but here it looks like expected highs across the bay area. san francisco is 60 and oakland is 62. san jose is 67.
5:43 am
>> halloween is more than a week away, but now might be the time to make your holiday travel plans. don't wait for a deal. now is the time to buy. today in the bay's tracy pots is live with a look at how buying now could pay off later on. >> the consumer travel alliance said if you are going to be traveling over the holidays over the next two months, go ahead and get that ticket now. it's probably not going to get any cheaper. it probably is going to get more expensive. we are already seeing thanksgiving fares 6% over last year. december fares, 8% over last year. we believe they can go up to 18% over last year. bottom line here, the airlines have been adding all these new passenger fees. they are not expanding capacity and not adding new planes over the holidays, meaning you may or may not get a seat. demand is up and more people are flying. the same number of seats. that equates to more expensive
5:44 am
tickets and profit frts airlines. several of them posted good strong profits for the 3rd quarter compared to the same time last year. something else you want to keep in mind if you are traveling, new identification rules go into effect november 1st to make sure that people who get on planes are not on terror watch lists. you have to give a little bit more informs like your middle name and date of birth and gender. you can do that in advance and save time at the airport or you can do it when you get to the airport. pack some patience. always good advice. new this morning, a freight ship struck a passenger ferry near amsterdam knocking the skipper into the water. police say he is missing and feared dead. the passenger ferry capsized and rescue workers were able to pull out some of the people from the water. it's unclear how many people were on board. they searched the water for missing people. it happened six miles south of
5:45 am
amsterdam. hundreds are dead after an expected cholera outbreak. it is the country's biggest medical crisis since the january 12th earthquake. they say they are at least 138 people dead and more than 1500 cases north of port-au-prince. local hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. >> time now is 5:45 and thanks for joining us. >> this is today in the bay. we will check your weather and traffic in less than five minutes. first, official. the giants play the kind of games that make fan afraid to leave their seats. today in the bay's bob redell has a look at the torture that await this is weekend now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as frustrating as last night's loss to the phillies was here at at&t park, some fans we spoke to within the past hour or hour 1/2 getting the cups of coffee, they are expressing confidence or not giving up hope that the giants
5:46 am
can pull off the series. >> i grew up here in san francisco and have been going to the giants game since i was 8 yers ole. my grandfather was a die-hard fan and yesterday was the anniversary of his death. he was doing what he wanted to do. >> will he have a guiding force? >> we will get it over there. >> many fans are looking for world series ticks. they are counting and betting on a world series ticket that will include the giants. more on that coming up in the next 10 or 15 minutes. reporting live outside at&t park. >> thanks so much, bob. hoping they were going to win it. >> it didn't quite pan out. 5:46 and want to check in with mike as you head out this morning. some folks might have wet roads. >> definitely over at at&t park. we should put a sad face on the map. the rain also will cause you to
5:47 am
slow your drive into the city because of the slick conditions. rain drifting through the approach and 101 and 280 showing the speeds close to the limit. you may want to slow it down a little bit. you will have to slow it dun or stop for a portion of this because of the presidential motorcade traveling back to sfo this morning. yesterday we saw portions of 280 and 380 closed as well as 1 where are 1. we are on a watch for that. they don't necessarily stipulate the route, but keep that in mind down the peninsula or on the san mateo bridge. the motorcade expected to hit around 10:00 or 11:00. if i get official word, i will let you know. the guy who has official word weather-wise, we will have a look at the forecast. >> take a look at the map and show you what's going on in terms of the showers. you can see those have moved off into sacramento. we have a few lingering showers around the hilltops. let's take you in closer. highway 17, you will see spotty
5:48 am
areas of rain in and that has moved off to the east of san jose as well. to the north bay, a few showers here and still moist air being forced to rise and 10s to ring out raindrops as the system goes by. right now through mid-afternoon, we are in between weather systems. the break is taking place just offshore. a lot more moisture as we jump into the weekend. the first system getting out of the bay area and good enough for a few lingering showers and saturday mostly cloudy and raindroping in north to south during the day. the biggest punch arrives on sunday. that will spill southward during sunday afternoon. when it is wrapped up by the end of the weekend, at least two to three inches of rain for sonoma. the coast down towards the higher elevations of the santa cruz mountains. you may see up to two inches of rain and at least a half inch for most of the bay area in the low lns by the time we get to
5:49 am
sunday. the main rain event will come on sunday. rain off and on through the weekend and windy as well. that will crank up 20 to 30 miles per hour. the forecast today, we are looking at mid 60s for highs for most of the bay area. the driest of the next three days. as you can see through the weekend, more rain for your saturday. if the clouds and raindrops will feel cool, 50s and low 60s for highs. sunday the biggest one of the three systems that are coming in and heavy rain and wind. by monday morning, we start to clear out and we need it after the soaker on the way to wrap up the weekend. >> thanks, rob. after two years behind bars, a southern california business man is back home. family and friends met the 71-year-old resident at the airport with smiles and hugs. the orange county resident was accused of passing money to a rebel group and never formally charged. his attorney is a former u.s. diplomat and negotiated his
5:50 am
release. >> are new this morning, america is one step closer to space tourism. a ceremoniy will be held for the world's first commercial space port. the goal is to have the spaceship 2 carry people from the mile long runway into space. it's located in new mexico. a new study finds a low dose of aspirin may reduce cases of colon cancer by a quarter and deaths by a third. experts say considering the side effects of bleeding and stomach problems, people without high risk should not start taking the drug. take a dose equivalent to baby or regular aspirin. consult with your doctor before starting any regimen. >> startling revelations and one out of every three americans will have diabetes in the next generation.
5:51 am
the problem is so big, there will be a forum today focusing on preventing and treating that disease. christie smith is live in oakland with what's ahead in the forum. christ he? >> good morning to you. this forum is with communities of color where is the risk factors are higher for a number of reasons. when you take a look at the numbers, it's quite startling. nearly 15% of african-american adults have diabetes. that according to the american diabetes association. i was checking out their website and they were talking about good diabetes management and helping to reduce your risk factors. many people are not aware they have it until they get one of the complications, including blindness, kidney disease and heart disease. diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose levels are above normal. this brings doctors and state leaders and it's hosted by the black caucus at the naacp in oakland. they pror moting wellness and
5:52 am
the use of existing state programs. risk factors for type ii diabetes can be age, obesity and personal family history. of course you have to know you have it. statistics suggest that each year nearly six million people go undiagnosed. if you are interested, come on down at 10:00 this morning at the marriott industry center. reporting live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> thanks a lot, christie. >> food prices are expected to rise, hitting you in the wallet. you could be pay more for butter, cheese, milk, cheese and cereal. this translates into more expensive meat and dairy because they have to deal with a feed price increase and that increase gets passed on to you. >> the usda outlook has prices at a high level. you will notice it more in the
5:53 am
darey and meat market than in the processed food section. >> representatives for general mills discussed the increase in the price of some cereals and baking goods. kraft foods can also raise prices. i'm laughing because as i'm reading the story we have this vibrating thing on the desk. >> insure i duck and cover? >> hold it up. >> it's a disk. we can show it to brent. he has it. >> the purpose is? >> let me show you tape. the wireless vibrating alarm. wait for it. there it goes. it's from a company that has a vibrating alarm that goes under your pillow. the alarm clock will also make a buzzing noise, etc. the idea is for people who are very, very hard sleepers. you have this alarm.
5:54 am
you can go back to brent. >> i think it's funny this is vibrating the same as the one in the video. it's perfect. >> hold it up higher so folks can see how big it is. thank you for the demonstration there. the idea is that if you are just a very heavy sleeper or maybe you are ellerly or hard of hearing, you have an extra way to wake you up. a very loud deeping alarm as well. >> you spared us that. >> precisely. about $125 for those of you -- >> really? my cell phone will do that. >> there is a little button. >> stop that. >> it doesn't have a snooz. >> dangerous. >> a smash and grab robbery turned wild in southern california. six suspects rushed into a fullerton jewelry store as it was closing. security video of that. check it out. they started smashing the cases
5:55 am
and grabbing everything they could. the employees figured out they only had hammers and no guns so they fought back with chairs and anything else they could find. it turns into a melee. police are looking for six robbers and three men waiting outside in the get away cars. >> after a long night of trick or treating, you steal a snack or two from the kids's bags. now you can enjoy a glass of wine with that treat. a master talked to aol about the perfect candy and wine pairing. for candy corn, look for a floral wine. chocolate goes well with a fruity wine. hot ha ta mallies need high sugar content. if you eat tootsie rolls, try a tawny port. that is sugar overload. >> exactly. >> time to check in with rob. i think his drink of choice will
5:56 am
be a nice hot chocolate. >> anything indoors if you want to try the wines or perhaps a movie. widely scattered areas of showers and areas south of oakland and san leandro looking at light rain. you will notice a lot of wet roads and most is for the rain that fell overnight. a break in between systems and more rain coming in for tonight into saturday. hour by hour, a few hours today. during the day it will be the hill top locations that will see a slight chance of a shower. more rain tonight into saturday as we watch the weekend. sunday looks to be the windy and wetter portion of the welcome. highs in the 60s and then clear out on monday. back to you. >> it looks like one big movie will be missing a big name actor. why the cast and crew took a stand against him. >> storeowners say the ripple effect of this northern california mall fire can be felt for months. we will explain why.
5:57 am
>> the giants leave for philly after last night's tough loss.
5:58 am
5:59 am
new this morning, a mall still smoldering because of a standoff. why a lot of people could spend months paying the price for this fire. >> amid the torture for giants fans, i'm bob redell at at&t park in a live report. a new prediction that diabetes rates will double or triple. how you can protect your family today this friday, october 22nd, today in the bay.


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